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The Tortoise and The Harry


In the old cowboy movies range wars were fought over cows and sheep. Now they’re fought over cows and dessert tortoises.

Thanks to the Cliven Bundy standoff with BLM we learned that the federal government owns 81% of the land in Nevada. Harry Reid owns the rest. Well, not quite but it seems that way.

The 7/8 on the US not under the thumb of the BLM is the “brokest nation on earth” according to Mark Steyn:

I think it’s absurd and obnoxious that an obscure and unaccountable government agency should rule an area the size of France, Germany and Italy combined. What for? Why should the 26th largest country on earth (which the Bureau of Land Management is) be maintained in perpetuity as the world’s biggest nature preserve for the desert tortoise? The seven-eighths of the United States that isn’t under the iron rod of the BLM is the Brokest Nation in History: it wouldn’t hurt to have a little more productive land.

Speaking of Bundy, Steyn doesn’t think his racial attitudes should get the BLM off the hook.

Let’s stipulate that Cliven Bundy is a racist. Let’s also assume, if only to save time, that he’s Islamophobic, homophobic and transphobic. So what? Does that make criticizing the Bureau of Land Management “racist” or “homophobic”?

Harry Reid’s Koch Problem


I think Harry Reid is the nastiest person in Washington. To a Frank Underwood fan like me that’s a high bar to clear. Harry can leap from the muck like a depraved Flipper to clear it with ease.

In 2007 while American troops were surging in Iraq, Harry Reid, who had voted for the war, declared it “lost“. Robert Gates declared Harry’s comment one of the most disgraceful things he’d ever heard a politician say.

Like votes, disgrace only seems to encourage the leader of the Senate. He recently labeled as “all lies” the stories of millions of Americans who lost their insurance due to ObamaCare rules. And then he lied on camera about calling the stories lies!

Dirty Harry Warm and Fuzzy

The politics of personal destruction and questioning the patriotism of his opponents are all in a day’s work for Reid.

He can’t be all bad, can he? Deep down grandpa Dirty HarryHarry has a generous spirit and a soft spot for children. He recently gave his 23 year old granddaughter a $17,000 Christmas gift. With campaign funds.

Harry Reid’s Horror Stories


You like your doctor but you can’t keep him. You like your insurance but you can’t keep it. ObamaCare is a train wreck.

Koch Brother Horror Stories

These horror stories are all lies, lies, and damned lies according to cowboy poet Harry Reid. They didn’t really happen to you. They were ginned up at the un-American Brothers Koch Fairy Tale mill to send red state democrats running for cover.

Nuclear Option

131121-nuclear-optionHarry Reid pulled the trigger on the so-called Nuclear Option on Thursday. The move changed a 200 year old rule that allowed filibusters against presidential appointments. Now the Senate can confirm nominees with a simple majority. That can happen with a straight party line vote – the same way ObamaCare was passed.

As usual, hypocrisy is non-partisan here. The Republicans threatened the same thing when President Bush was having trouble getting his judicial nominations confirmed in the Senate.

Nuclear Option

Here are some strong arguments against the Nuclear Option – from Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden.

Harry Reid Doesn’t Hate Kids with Cancer

131004-reid-child-cancerHarry Reid got into trouble with children with cancer last week.

The NIH includes children in some of its cancer research programs. It became a victim of the government shutdown. The House wants to pass bills to fund NIH as well as other popular programs that are being shutdown, but the senate refuses to go along.

CNN’s Dana Bash asked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, “But if you can help one child who has cancer why wouldn’t you do that?” Reid: “Why would we want to do that? I have 1,100 people at Nellis Air Force Base who are sitting at home.” He then went on to call Bash “irresponsible or reckless”.

Reid later apologized but still refuses to pass any bills the don’t include funding for everything including ObamaCare.

Why Harry Doesn’t Want to Help Kids with Cancer

Seth Mandel, in Commentary, thinks this is a strategy to avoid exposing just how much government spending really is non-essential:

“That raises a different question: if Republicans are willing to pass all these spending bills, why won’t they just remove the strings and fund the whole government? And the answer is because they are–intentionally or not–demonstrating just how much of the government is not essential. John Steele Gordon wrote yesterday that the shutdown exposes the waste in the federal government: if most employees are non-essential, what on earth are taxpayers paying all those salaries and benefits for?”

The Atlantic Wire posted the headline, “Come on, no. Harry Reid Doesn’t Hate Kids With Cancer”.

The WSJ’s Best of the Web James Taranto says, “When you feel compelled to answer a question like that, it’s a sign you aren’t winning the argument.”