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Tom Brady Jersey Caper LI

tom brady jersey

Not a bad Super Bowl. Mary Katherine Hamm says Lady Gaga and Tom Brady made America great again. Somebody else made off with a Tom Brady jersey. It’s on Amber alert. Other than that, Mary Katherine called it great art and great sport.


Ezekiel Elliott’s Leap of Faith

elliott's leap of faith

You may throw your loose change into a Salvation Army Kettle this time of year. But Ezekiel Elliott scored a touchdown and threw himself in. The ref penalized him for excessive celebration but the NFL elected not to fine him. Presumably with Commissioner Roger Goodell’s approval.

Anyway, who says the NFL is no fun? Here’s a clever clip of  Zeek’s stunt spliced onto video of earlier red kettle choreography by Terrell Owns. (It’s the second video on the page.)

Elliott’s Leap of Faith

The Salvation Army says contributions jumped 61% after Elliott’s leap of faith.

The Block

The BlockBefore game three of the NBA final series against Golden State, Number 23 noticed old Number 32 in the stands. LeBron James trotted over and bowed to Jim Brown. Brown was pleased. He called the salute, “one of my greatest sports moments.”

One of his other great moments was The NFL Championship in 1964. It was Cleveland’s last major sports title, until LeBron and his co-workers ended 52 years of frustration Sunday night.

The Block

Brown and James bookended five decades of sports despair. Hope was crushed during those years by “The Drive“, “The Fumble“, and “The Shot.”

But now we have “The Block.”

LeBron used speed, grace, and power, to chase down Andre Iguodala and smash his layup into the glass.  At Deadspin Chris Thompson called it, “the greatest individual athletic feat in a game of basketball that I have ever seen.”

It reminded me of Jim Brown’s second, third, and fourth efforts half a century ago.

I’m still watching The Block – over and over. You can too, herehere, here, and here.

LeBron the jerk

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Go here to see some of  my less gushing LeBron cartoons through the years.





Mizzou Football Econ 101

151110-mizzouNutty professors calling for muscle weren’t the biggest story during the University of Missouri protests. The football team was.

Thirty-six hours after black players said they would strike, the president and chancellor resigned. Mizzou would have had to pay Brigham Young University a million dollars if it cancelled Saturday’s game.

Now that football players have had their consciousness raised about their economic clout, will they use it to their own benefit?

Brady Balls

150507-brady-ballsThe NFL says Tom Brady cheated his way to the Super Bowl by using deflated balls. He has thrown a record 12 touchdown passes in his Super Bowl career. Now Brady is throwing the guys who deflated the balls for him under the bus.

Update: NFL suspended Brady 4 games. His agent will appeal.