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North Korea Bombs

North Korea

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned North Korea that its missile testing could have catastrophic consequences. So they shot off another one. It blew up. Just like three other unsuccessful launches in a row since March.

Cyber-Warfare Button

cyber-warefare button

Did we blow up a North Korean test missile on Sunday? Last month The New York Times said Trump inherited a cyber-warfare button. Here’s a CNN story reporting how it might work:

“There is a very strong belief that the US — through cyber methods — has been successful on several occasions in interrupting these sorts of tests and making them fail,” former British Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind told the BBC.
Rifkind’s comments come on the heels of a report in The New York Times last month saying US President Donald Trump inherited a cyberwar on North Korea in the hope of sabotaging its missile tests.
“It’s clear United States policy to develop the cyber capability to disable enemy ballistic missiles,” said Greg Austin, a professor at the Australian Centre for Cyber Security at the University of New South Wales.

Used Nerve Gas on His Own People

nerve gas

The Syrian leader used nerve gas on his own people. President Trump responded by using 59 cruise missiles on Syria.

An intelligence report says that the North Korean leader used nerve poison on one of his own people too. His brother.

Nuclear Options Players

nuclear options

As expected, Mitch McConnell pulled the trigger and made Chuck Schumer’s filibuster glow in the dark. As for the boy in the husky pants who runs North  Korea: he’s keeping his nuclear options open for now.

Innocence of Muslims Review

141231-innocence of muslims review

The Interview is a satirical movie in which North Korean leader Kim Jong-un gets whacked. The N Koreans allegedly took great offense at this. In retribution they hacked Sony Entertainment. So they say.

One thing the Hermit Kingdom and many critics agree on is that the movie stinks. Sony agreed to pull it from theaters. President Obama was quick to criticize Sony for this. That only increased the appeal of the movie and now it’s a pirate hit.

When the US Embassy in Benghazi was hit by terrorists the White House was quick to blame the attack on another lousy movie, Innocence of Muslims. Our own Dear Leader’s passion for free speech blazed less fervently in those days. The movie’s producer was thrown in jail.