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Innocence of Muslims Review

141231-innocence of muslims review

The Interview is a satirical movie in which North Korean leader Kim Jong-un gets whacked. The N Koreans allegedly took great offense at this. In retribution they hacked Sony Entertainment. So they say.

One thing the Hermit Kingdom and many critics agree on is that the movie stinks. Sony agreed to pull it from theaters. President Obama was quick to criticize Sony for this. That only increased the appeal of the movie and now it’s a pirate hit.

When the US Embassy in Benghazi was hit by terrorists the White House was quick to blame the attack on another lousy movie, Innocence of Muslims. Our own Dear Leader’s passion for free speech blazed less fervently in those days. The movie’s producer was thrown in jail.


North Korea and Cuba


The president criticized Sony for giving in to North Korean blackmail by cancelling The Interview. Meanwhile he did a three for one prisoner swap with Cuba. It wasn’t quite Nixon to China but he did open the door to diplomatic recognition.

If you want to pay a visit to the 50s better book your trip now – before Cuba becomes “Americanized“.

West Point Speech

140530 west point speech

The president gave the commencement address at West Point this week. The speech apparently didn’t have enough trigger points or insensitive comments to get him thrown out. The graduating West Point cadets tolerated their commander’s speech but didn’t give him a very rousing response. Quiet as a mouse according to Krauthammer.

West Point

Patching up his previous comments, Obama insisted he believes in American exceptionalism with every fiber of his being. But just because we are strong like hammer doesn’t mean everyone else is a nail. We must lead by example. Presumably North Korea, Syria, and Iran will follow. It was a little confusing.

Dick Cheney was not convinced.

Dennis Rodman Birthday Song

140109-rodman-kimDennis Rodman apologized for his drunken rant to CNN and sang happy birthday to Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Rodman is 52 and young Kim is thirty-something. Hope Kim doesn’t think of Rodman as a crazy uncle.

North Korean Diplomacy

Dennis Rodman wears a dress on his visit to North Korea and says "diplomacy is hard."The new Dear Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, wasn’t mollified by Dennis Rodman’s recent mission to his country. The young -un says the time has come to “settle accounts with the U.S. imperialists”. Settlement terms include hitting targets in Hawaii, Guam, and the US homeland.

The threats may be more to impress Lil’ Kim’s own low information constituents.

Cartoonish efforts by world leaders please me. I haven’t been so pleased since Bibi’s Iran nuclear graph.