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Eric Garner


Eric Garner was selling cigarettes without paying taxes on them. If he were Al Sharpton he would have been invited to the White House. Instead he was killed by the cops. The untaxed cigarettes are called loosies and former Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD chief wanted loosies stamped out. What next…open season on ticket scalpers?

This wasn’t about race it was about loosies. John Kass in the Chicago Tribune says Eric Garner was cutting in on the government’s action skimming taxes off of cancer sticks.

Ben Shapiro in Breitbart has a good breakdown of what actually happened. He says Garner died due to a “submission hold” which cut off the flow of blood through arteries in his neck. He was in poor health, suffered from asthma, and weighted 400 lbs.

So, Eric Garner was a huge black man selling cigarettes who was killed by police. Michael Brown was a huge black teenager stealing cigarillos who was also killed by police. But the similarities end there. Brown assaulted an officer and tried to take his gun. Eric Garner was the real “gentle giant”. He didn’t offer resistance yet police put him in a “choke hold”, crammed his face into the pavement, and he died. It’s all on video. You can even hear him say “I can’t breathe”.

Prosecutors are good at getting indictments. One actually indicted Texas governor Rick Perry for vetoing a spending bill. As for ham sandwiches, well we all know they can be indicted.

Not so much when it comes to cops. The WSJ found 1,800 police killings between 2007 and 2012.

Nearly all police killings are deemed by the departments or other authorities to be justifiable.

Maybe they are. Without the police “the ghetto would be the wild wild West”,  according to Charles Barkley.


Workplace Violence in Ottawa


Prime Minister Stephen Harper called Tuesday’s attack on the Canadian Parliament what it was – terrorism. The only “workplace violence” came from Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers. The former Mountie was just doing his job when he dispatched the Islamic terrorist  to his multi-virgin rendezvous. All in a day’s workplace.

Grateful Members of Parliament on both sides of the aisle thanked Sergeant-at-Arms Vickers with a long standing ovation.


Is the Caliphate Islamic?


Is the Pope Catholic?

President Obama says the Islamic State isn’t Islamic. The Washington Post says “Americans disagree” and has nifty charts and polls to prove it. Daniel Pipes disagrees too. The Middle East scholar says ISIS is “100% Islamic”.

Dennis B. Ross says, in the NYT, that ISIS is Islamist and “Islamists are not our friends”.

What the Islamists all have in common is that they subordinate national identities to an Islamic identity.

Peggy Noonan (click The Genocide of the Mideastern Christians – WSJ) says the Islamic State is “de-Christianising the Mideast where Christianity began”.

An estimated two-thirds of the Christians of Iraq have fled that country since the 2003 U.S. invasion. They are being driven from their villages in northern Iraq. They are terrorized, brutalized, executed. This week an eyewitness in Mosul, which fell to Islamic State in June, told NBC News the jihadists were committing atrocities. In Syria, too, they have executed Christians for refusing to convert.

Update: John Kerry is putting “the real Islam out there”.

Andrew Wilson in The American Spectator calls Obama’s claim “the grossest nonsense”.

Under Mohammed, Islam began as a religion of conquest. A commitment to wage jihad or holy war and to “smite the necks” of unbelievers has been part of Islam from the earliest days. In the 100 years following Mohammed’s death in AD 632, when Islam was still confined to the Arabian peninsula, Arab armies spread the faith as far west as Spain and as far east as northern India and the frontier of China.


JV Team


Back when President Obama was bragging that core Al Qaeda had been destroyed, he dismissed ISIS as a terror JV team. Now the JV team is rich and armed with American military hardware. It controls territory in Iraq and Syria. And it’s as comfortable with social networking as it is with beheading.

Last week Defense Secretary Hagel had this to say about the JV team“This is beyond anything that we’ve seen” … “The sophistication of terrorism and ideology married with resources presents a whole new dynamic and paradigm of threats to this country.”

Joint Chiefs Chairman General Dempsey added, ““This is an organization that has an apocalyptic, end-of-days strategic vision which will eventually have to be defeated.” He also said ISIS would have to be attacked in Syria to be destroyed.


By Monday it wasn’t clear that the White House was on board with Dempsey’s assessment.

Apocalyptic though it may be, Dempsey now says ISIS is not a “direct threat” to the U.S. and he won’t propose bombing in Syria until it is.

The president is evolving.

James Foley

140822 james foleyThe New York Times reported that ISIS wanted $130,000,000 ransom for James Foley. European countries have paid ransom in the past. It’s a major source of income for ISIS. The US policy is not to pay ransom for hostages, on the theory it encourages more hostage taking.

The same theory doesn’t seem to apply when it comes to swapping terrorists for American hostages. We gave up five of GITMO’s worst bad asses to bring home alleged deserter Private Bergdahl.

Bergdahl’s parents were flown in from Idaho to celebrate the joyous occasion with President Obama in the White House Rose Garden.

James Foley

James Foley met his grim fate with courage. His parents showed the source of that fortitude in their meeting with the media to discuss their son on the day of  his death.

Obama played golf.