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Kill List

According to the NYT, it’s no more Mr. Nice Guy for the president. On Tuesdays President Obama personally selects, from a stack of cards, a terrorist to be killed. The way the news has been this week, I guess we should be thankful he doesn’t eat the condemned. Some are fine with the killing part, not so much the hypocrisy. Others, however, don’t believe the Commander in Chief job description includes judge, jury, and executioner.

Occupy Bombs

Bureaucratic Swarms

David Harsanyi gives a shout out to the “terrorists” for limited government.

Entitlement State

As the usual flash mob of national leaders showed up to blame Tea Party terrorists for the debt ceiling deal, Paul Samuelson named the real hostage takers.

Tea Party version 1.1

Aside from being jihadists, hostage takers, and terrorists, some say that the Tea Party version 1.1 (version 1.0 was racist) has no interest in governing.