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Boston runner wearing pursuit of happiness jersey barely outruns the boston explosionI liked this column by Dr. Keith Ablow. He says, “we are vulnerable because we are free and strong”.

Hillary Took a Great Fall

In the vice presidential debate, Biden said “we weren’t told” that diplomats in Libya had requested increased security before the Benghazi attack. On Tuesday Hillary blamed the failure on “the fog of war” but accepted responsibility. Meanwhile, Bill is campaigning for Obama. Is he hoping that by 2016, he can put Hillary back together again?


Benghazi Big Bird

Obama has been claiming that since he killed Bin Laden he has “al Qaeda on its heels”. CBS News” Lara Logan says otherwise. When Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered in a military style terror attack on 9/11, Obama blamed it on a movie. What really has him sputtering mad are Romney’s “lies” and attacks on public broadcasting.