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What Red Line?

130904-credibility-syria-obama-what-red-line-cartoonDuring a press conference on August 20 President Obama said, “a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized.”

Yesterday in Stockholm, he said, “I didn’t set a red line. The world set a red line.”

He didn’t build that red line. Somebody else made that happen.

Obama continued, “Keep in mind, I’m somebody who opposed the war in Iraq, and I’m not interested in repeating mistakes about basing decisions on faulty intelligence”.

Secretary of State John Kerry says he has proof that Assad gassed his own people, but then Colin Powell had proof of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction. For good measure Kerry also insists that Syrian rebels are moderate .

Shirtless Putin says, “Kerry lies“.

Assad is accused of murdering a few hundred of his own. Ann Coulter notes that Saddam Hussein killed 50,000 plus with chemical weapons, leading up to the war Obama opposed. Bush’s invasion of Iraq so frightened Gadhafi that he gave up his weapons of mass destruction and turned in A Q Kahn, the ringleader of a world wide nuclear weapons black market.

Maureen Dowd, on the other hand, blames Bush.

Our Future Red Line Allies

Meanwhile it seems the Syrian rebels are busying themselves by executing men on their knees, and attacking a Christian village while they await our intervention in the war on Assad.

Syria Red Line

130829redline-obama-syria-cartoonWho says that President Obama’s words don’t matter. He warned the president of Syria not to gas his own people. A gas attack meant crossing a red line that would trigger a U.S. response. Apparently we’re down with killing 100,000 Syrians by other means.

Anyway, It looks like Assad has jumped the Red Line. Now we have to respond or lose credibility and, according to the polls, the American people have no stomach for another war.

Going it Alone in Syria

Not only that, the British Parliament voted not to help. It’s the first time they’ve denied the Prime Minister a request for military backing since 1782, when Parliament gave up on the American colonies! Maybe Obama should have kept the Churchill bust.

So far our leader says he’ll go ahead without the British, UN, or United States Congress. The French are still in. Freedom Fries any one?

Red Line


130607-syria-red-line-cartoonMostly liberal columnist Richard Cohen is fed up with Obama’s dithering on Syria. Mostly conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer is fed up with Obama’s dithering on Syria too. Common ground.

Cohen wants to intervene on humanitarian grounds. As for Krauthammer : “A superpower’s role in a regional conflict is deterrence.” He feels Putin has taken Obama’s measure and our president comes up short – to put it kindly.

President Obama has said Bashar Assad will have crossed a red line if he gasses his own people. France says that gas would be Sarin.

Seems we’ve been down this line before.


Red Line

130504-redline-syria-cartoon- Obama has said it would be a game changer if Syria crossed the red line of chemical weapons. Well, it appears the game has changed and nobody is in a mood to follow up on the president’s threats.For now he’s establishing the “chain of custody of chemical weapons.

Cartoon Bomb

Netanyahu’s cartoon bomb presentation at the UN brought the attention only a cartoon bomb can bring. Bill Schanefelt at American Thinker posted an analysis connecting the dots from Bibi’s bomb to the Danish Muhammed cartoon bomb blasphemy.