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Obama off the Hook

130910-obama-putin-off-hook-cartoon-After redlining himself into a hopeless corner of the Mideast live box, Putin let Obama off the hook. Actually, it was more gaffe than hook.

Kerry’s lame comment about Syria turning over its chemical stockpiles is the basis for the whole thing. At first he walked back his proposal. Then Putin snatched it up, Assad agreed, and Kerry walked back the walk back.

Soon enough Obama took credit for the idea and the party elite swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. Next thing we know President Obama was flip flopping like a fish out of water while giving a speech, trying to convince us to hold off on a war nobody – least of all him – wants.

Noonan Nails Obama

Peggy Noonan imagines Putin wants to negotiate with a president of foreign policy stature (like Nixon) but he’s stuck with “a self-besotted charismatic who can’t tell the difference between showbiz and strategy”.

Update: Michael Tackett at Bloomberg covers the whole situation here.

Obama Leno Interview

130807Leno-Obama-cartoon-In an interview with a comedian, Obama complained that Putin doesn’t like being interviewed by reporters.

Asylum with The Most Interesting Man in the World


Ed Snowden spilled the beans on NSA spying on American citizens (a now politically incorrect term since 12 million of us are not legal citizens).

Snowden has been provided asylum by former KBG man, and entertainer to the world, Vladimir Putin. Here are some whacky Vlady highlights including his latest fishing expedition.

All fun and games until somebody gets poisoned by dioxin and reporters start getting killed.


Geraldo’s Weiner Interview


130725geraldo-carlos-richard-windsorCopping fake handles seems to be all the rage in government. Anthony Weiner revealed himself as Carlos Danger. Before she threw in the towel, it was discovered that EPA administrator Lisa Jackson used an e-mail account as Richard Windsor.

Speaking of towels, here’s Geraldo’s “selfie” if you haven’t seen it.

Putin on the Ring

130624-putin-ring-g8-cartoonAt last week’s G-8 Summit in Ireland (no relation to the Gang of Eight summit in Washington) Obama couldn’t interest Putin in his nuclear arms reduction scheme or in dumping blood-soaked Syrian ally Assad. This despite Obama’s post election flexibility.

Putin was also mum about Robert Kraft’s missing Super Bowl ring. The New England Patriot’s owner claims Putin stole it from him.

Mark Steyn speaks up here.