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Flexible Congratulations

Cartoon depicts Obama being congratulated by leaders from Germany, the U.K., Israel, and Russia after winning the 2012 presidential election

President Obama has a spotty record on keeping promises. Obamacare – sure. Cut the Deficit in half – not so much.

Now that he’s won re-election, let’s see if he keeps his promise to be flexible

Body Language

Funny Barack Obama cartoon by political cartoonist Chip Bok illustrates Putin's muscles and Barack Obama flexibility

Much has been made of the body language of Putin and Obama at the G20 summit.

My analysis: muscular yet flexible.

Krauthammer’s analysis of Obama’s post summit press conference: gibberish.

Flexible Leadership

In the president’s latest open mic escapade he was caught passing a message to Putin that he will be even more pliable when he’s no longer accountable to the voters.

Whacky WikiWorld


WikiLeaks leader, Julian Assange, doesn’t care for the United States’ meddling in world affairs. Yet his recent document dump showed that it’s Iran’s Arab neighbors who most want the U.S. to take out Iranian nukes. Other tasty morsels include a very close relationship between Putin and Berlusconi, Sarkozy as a “naked emperor“, an Afghan vice president with $50 million in cash, and Gadhafi’s voluptuous Ukranian nurse.