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The Pope is not a Supply Sider


I learned more about Pope Francis yesterday. He is not a supply sider, but he used to be a bar bouncer.

His latest message, “The Joy of the Gospel” or “Evangelii Gaudium”, if you prefer dead languages, has created a stir. It’s about 80 pages long and I haven’t read it. Ok, I admit I haven’t read the Affordable Health Care Act either.

But I have read about it. It seems to be mostly about – the Gospel. The pope wants the church to get its hands and feet dirty spreading the good news.

Pope Not a Supply Sider

He’s also doesn’t like poverty and inequality and he’s skeptical of the free market. The president feels the same but that gave us ObamaCare.

If you would like to actually read Evangelii Gaudium, in English, here it is. Or if you just want to read about it, you might like to go here, here, or here.

Pope Benedict

130228infallibility_pope_retirePope Benedict officially retired on Thursday. We’ve all heard that this hasn’t happened in over 600 years. We’ve also heard that it was an act of humility by a great scholar. But who’s minding the store?



Backing away from his birth control encyclical, Obama now says that Catholic institutions don’t have to offer free contraception, their insurance companies do. Paul Ryan calls that an “accounting trick”.

For his next trick the president released a budget on Monday that Ryan says “ignores the drivers of our debt, bringing America perilously close to a European-style crisis”.

The American Catholic

Catholics don’t want the president telling them to ignore church teaching, they can do it on their own.

Pope a Dope

The president’s been busy making recess appointments, even though Congress wasn’t in recess, and ordering the Catholic Church to violate its beliefs by providing free contraceptives to its employees.