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Schilling Vetoed by Baseball Hall of Fame Voters

Curt Schilling, baseball hall of fame

Baseball Hall of Fame voters chose not to elect anyone this year. Most agree Curt Schilling easily qualifies as a pitcher but his politics cancelled him out.

And here’s what Schilling had to say about that.

You are talking about a group of people who are 85% white and 90% male — and they are lecturing me on diversity and racism.

Cleveland Baseball Team Naming Rights

Cleveland baseball team
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Want to buy naming rights to the Cleveland baseball team?

First the commissioner banished the Indians veteran cartoon mascot Chief Wahoo. Now this.

The Indians are clearing payroll in a big way and yesterday they announced they will give up their name. But not until after the 2021 season. Maybe they couldn’t afford new jerseys.


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Decisions, Decisions for the Big 10

decisions for the big 10, Ohio State, Michigan, football
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More decisions for the Big 10.

The Ohio State-Michigan game won’t be played for the first time since 1917. Then it was WW I. Now it’s Covid 19.

The Big Ten announced a schedule in August but cancelled the season five days later. But then it noticed everybody else was playing so it reversed course.

They Buckeyes have only played five games and they’re undefeated. But the conference required a minimum of six games to qualify for the Big 10 championship.

No problem, the league decided to change that rule too. Ohio State will play Northwestern on Dec. 19 for the Big 10 championship.

It’s all very upsetting to Dabo Swinney.


NBA drafted real players
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Well, it turns out the NBA drafted real players after all on Wednesday. Now the question is can they put real fans in the seats next season.

Georgia’s on Everybody’s Mind This Week

georgia's on everybody's mind, election, senate seats, runoff
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Georgia’s on everybody’s mind this week. Biden beat Trump by a nose and they’re doing a recount by hand. There’s also the runoff for two U.S. Senate Seats, with Mitch McConnell’s leadership hanging in the balance.

Meanwhile, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s General Sherman act wasn’t helpful. But it still looks like a lost cause for Donald Trump.

Oh, and the Masters is being played in November. Must be 2020.