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Pajama Boy

131221-pajama-boyThe Obama Election Committee for Life, Organizing for Action, is promoting the joys of ObamaCare to young people. For Thanksgiving they urged the young invincibles  to talk turkey about healthcare at family gatherings. For Christmas they introduced Pajama Boy when they tweeted this image while advising the faithful to:

Wear pajamas. Drink hot chocolate. Talk about Getting health insurance.

Pajama Boy

Pajama Boy was the instant butt of jokes all over the country. Which means he got millions in free publicity. Even on Bokbluster.

Happy Thanksgiving

Not long ago the big brothers and Big Sis’s of the Obama administration took to referring to themselves as the “federal family”. Embrace your kin –  the most dysfunctional family ever. Happy Thanksgiving!

Pet Turkey



Sen Mary Landrieu of Louisiana was able to squeeze the Health Care bill for $300 million in pork. Here’s a Christian Science Monitor story.