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Thanksgiving Day Activities safer than Touch Football

thanksgiving day
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It’s Thanksgiving day and the Steelers and Ravens aren’t playing. They’ve moved to Sunday, courtesy of the virus. Screw football. Get out your drone and spy on your neighbors. It’s fun and rewarding. My town provides a helpful list of snitch numbers and I’m sure yours does too.

Still, many blessings have come my way this year and I am thankful. Including for the the fact that you’re reading this post.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Mommy Issues


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Bless this remote.


Al Franken Reflection

franken freflection

Senator Al Franken says he won’t resign. Instead, he’s spending Thanksgiving in reflection.

Actually, I thought his staged grope gag was kind of funny. In a stupid 12 year old kind of way. True, Franken was 55 at the time. But maybe the joke is he’s not grabbing boobs. He’s grabbing a flak jacket.

Not that that makes it ok.

franken reflection

Nice flak jacket

And the snoozing Leeann Tweeden didn’t sign up to be a straight gal for a photo gag. No doubt it was humiliating.

Franken Reflection

Maybe Al is reflecting on Hot Lips Houlihan. A gag proving her natural blondeness was the big scene in Robert Altman’s iconic movie M*A*S*H. (Here’s the scene.) Now that would be humiliating.

But not so humiliating that feminist Alan Alda wouldn’t go on to star in the popular tv series based on the same movie.

As Harvey Weinstein said in his non-apology apology, you have to understand it was a different time:

I came of age in the ’60s and ’70s, when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different. That was the culture then.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Bokbluster


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Update: Kaepernick praised Castro’s education system on Friday. Hours later he died. Castro that is.