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Newt Loot

As surprise front-runner Newt Gingrich begins unpacking his baggage in Iowa the first item up for inspection is his $1.8 million dollar punched ticket on the Freddie Mac gravy train.

The figures in the chart for Franklin Raines and James Johnson are from IBD. Gorelick’s $26 mil came from CNSnews.




Here’s a  WP discussion about why a foreclosure moratorium would prevent house values from finding a bottom.

There’s no moratorium on the political race to the bottom. The Real Clear Politics average poll value of Congress is 20.5% approve 72.8% disapprove.

Early Warning System


Gordon Crovitz shows how John Paulson saw the housing crash coming and told the investment world about it through the  complicated financial gadget he conjured up with Goldman Sachs.  Click here for his column in the WSJ.

Daily Show Squirm


Click here to see Jon Stewart cross examine Jim Cramer.  I don’t see where Stewart gets off pistol whipping Cramer for the way he runs his show.  It’s not like there aren’t other market shows among my 500 cable channels.  Bloomberg, even Lou Dobbs, come to mind.  Push the button!  In any event, Cramer took it like a wimp.  Maybe he’s not getting enough sleep.  He was baking cookies with Martha Stewart before he went on the Daily Show.  When does he do his research?  Maybe he’s really some little Tammy Wynett. I think I’ll change the channel.