Donald the Truther


The Donald is now The Truther. He blames Bush for 9/11.

I like Trump because he’s politically incorrect. That doesn’t mean he’s getting a valuable Bokbluster endorsement, but as a cartoonist you gotta admire anybody with the guts to take on the pc movement. Well, maybe not all cartoonists feel that way.

Anyway, birthers believe Obama is a foreign born Muslim and ineligible to be president. His father was a foreign born Muslim (according to some, that makes Barack an apostate eligible for beheading) but he has a Hawaiian birth certificate and an American mother. Cruz was born in Canada of an American mother and Cuban father.

Donald the Truther

Truthers believe 9/11 was an inside job. Trump claims it was Bush’s fault because because he didn’t act on intelligence to prevent the attack. The 9/11 commission says that’s not so. Further, the Clinton administration had established a wall between the FBI and CIA that prevented information sharing that might have helped prevent the attack.

4 Responses to Donald the Truther

  1. βιβλία says:

    “Trump claims it was Bush’s fault”? Are you certain of that? Trump didn’t unblame Muslims with his remarks about Bush.

    Speaking of the Muslim problem, there’s no good excuse for converting the FBI and CIA into a unified international spy-ops racket. Government has all the power it needs already to deal with Islamic imperialism in America. Instead of more government power, what’s needed are needed are adult learning, adult courage, and some willpower to crush Muslims wherever they are in N. America.

  2. I believe Trump said, “Bush didn’t keep us safe. 9/11 happened during his watch.” Trump also said that plane load that left the USA right after 9/11 went straight to Saudi Arabia. I don’t see anything but truth in those statements.

  3. terry says:

    Trump’s ideology (or lack of) like his hair: which side is it emanating from today-the left or the right?

  4. He’s partnered with the billionaire son of a government official accused of using his position to enrich his family.

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