NCAA Gone Wild

Only the NCAA could make you feel sorry for today’s self-centered elite athletes.

The self-centered ruling body of college sports made a late hit on Ohio State wide receiver DeVier Posey by adding 5 more games to an earlier suspension for trading trinkets for tattoos. The latest suspension was for earning $728 “too much” at his summer job.

Taylor Branch has a great piece in the Atlantic that shows how the NCAA wormed its way into a position to conspire with big-time college coaches, athletic directors, and presidents to deny so-called “student athletes” their property rights to the share of the wealth they help generate.

One Response to NCAA Gone Wild

  1. Matt says:

    Great cartoon. The shameless hypocracy of the NCAA is amazing, but the Branch piece sounds optimistic about the pending lawsuits. (Also optimistic was the rumour that one of the Final Four teams would refuse to play the championship game.) It’s modern indentured servitude.

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