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130821NCAA-Manziel-cartoon-Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is so disliked that SEC coaches voted him second team all conference – after winning the Heisman Trophy as a freshman last year.

Now the NCAA is going after the disagreeable star for allegedly selling his autograph.

This fits a pattern – for the NCAA. Two seasons ago it suspended Ohio State student athletes for trading trinkets for Manhattan – just kidding – for tattoos. The NCAA wasn’t impressed by the fact that the the trinkets, given to the players by The Ohio State University, were the property of the players. Bobby Knight established that three Indiana University National Championship rings were his property when he eschewed tattoos and exchanged them for cash.

Now the governing body has taken the next step. It doesn’t believe Manziel own’s his name.

NCAA Faces Lawsuit

The NCAA could be on the ropes though. It is also fighting an antitrust lawsuit. The suit “accuses the NCAA of fixing at zero the amount that players can receive from video games and other products that use players’ names, likenesses and images”.

One and Out at Kentucky

The NBA didn’t accept the University of Kentucky basketball team as a franchise. But it did the next best thing. It accepted its players. All the starters.


Penn State Investigation

After busting Ohio State for trading trinkets for tattoos, the NCAA has decided it should have a look at possible pedophile perversion at Penn State.

NCAA Gone Wild

Only the NCAA could make you feel sorry for today’s self-centered elite athletes.

The self-centered ruling body of college sports made a late hit on Ohio State wide receiver DeVier Posey by adding 5 more games to an earlier suspension for trading trinkets for tattoos.  The latest suspension was for earning $728 “too much” at his summer job.

Taylor Branch has a great piece in the Atlantic that shows how the NCAA wormed its way into a position to conspire with big-time college coaches, athletic directors, and presidents to deny so-called “student athletes” their property rights to the share of the wealth they help generate.

The Indians got More for Manhattan


Five Ohio State football players have been suspended for the first 5 games of next season but not for the upcoming Sugar Bowl.  Their offense was to trade championship rings and trinkets for tattoos.

It was tough to decide which target to fire a cartoon at. NCAA greed and hypocrisy for suspending the players, but not until after the big money Sugar Bowl?  NCAA greed and hypocrisy for claiming control over the right of free people to exchange their personal property?  The stupidity of the players?

It was a tough call, but I went with NCAA greed and hypocrisy number 2.