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The Night They Tore the Lampposts Down

A ten year old boy was raped and students rioted…because coach Paterno was fired.  In a show of balance, they held a candlelight vigil for the victims on Friday.  Nothing was burned down.

As I type this I’m watching the Nebraska and Penn State teams gather in prayer before the start of Saturday’s game.

I thought this column by the Washington Post’s Tom Boswell was best.

NCAA Gone Wild

Only the NCAA could make you feel sorry for today’s self-centered elite athletes.

The self-centered ruling body of college sports made a late hit on Ohio State wide receiver DeVier Posey by adding 5 more games to an earlier suspension for trading trinkets for tattoos.  The latest suspension was for earning $728 “too much” at his summer job.

Taylor Branch has a great piece in the Atlantic that shows how the NCAA wormed its way into a position to conspire with big-time college coaches, athletic directors, and presidents to deny so-called “student athletes” their property rights to the share of the wealth they help generate.