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Scalia and Casey Martin

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Here’s a good one from The Federalist about Scalia’s dissent in the Casey Martin case.

Martin was a disabled professional golfer who wanted to ride in a cart. The PGA rules say players must walk. The court ruled walking isn’t essential to golf and ordered the PGA to let Casey ride.

Scalia dissented. He said the rules of games are arbitrary. That’s what makes them games. He wanted to know where the court got off deciding which rules are essential?

Or something like that –  Scalia was wittier.

I drew this cartoon after the court ruled Bush beat Gore in the 2000 election.

Denver Fundraiser

140710obama-horse-denverColorado Senator Mark Udall didn’t show up for his own fundraiser in Denver yesterday. The president did. He also shot pool with Governor Hickenlooper and shook hands with a horse. He was offered a hit of marijuana but turned it down. Fortunately, Maureen Dowd wasn’t in town to offer him a candy bar.

Rich Lowry calls the border crisis Obama’s “man caused disaster“.



President Obama says “inequality is the defining challenge of our time”.

The ocean and canals near Obama’s Hawaiian vacation home are off limits to local residents while he is there. The vacation is expected to cost taxpayers $4 million.





The TSA released new traveler friendly guidelines. Hockey sticks, golf clubs and pocket knives (but not box-cutters) are ok for carry-on. Leave the shampoo at home.

Golf Outing


The president’s golf outing with Tiger Woods in Florida was upsetting to journalists because he wouldn’t give them the time of day. Others were upset because they believe he wastes too many days playing golf.

Not me. I enjoyed a few peaceful days without President Angry Man in my face ranting about Republicans firing teachers, killing Head Start andpoisoning the environment.

Alas, not only is he back now, the Obama Moment has been made permanent and forever with the new 501(c)4,  Organizing for Action.