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Speaker Ryan


Paul Ryan has agreed to serve as Speaker of the House. On his terms. If all goes well he’ll be elected Friday.

Update: Paul Ryan says the secret $80 billion spending increase “stinks”. Freedom Caucus takes him at his word and will support him for Speaker.  Ryan  will benefit from the spending increase by avoiding a government shutdown.

Hillary and Trump on 9/11

151022-9/11Hillary told Chelsea, via email on the night of 9/11 2012, that the Benghazi attack was a planned terrorist attack. Yet two days later Suzan Rice appeared on 5 Sunday talk shows claiming it was an angry reaction to a movie. Hillary then promised parents of the dead she would hunt down the movie maker.


Dr. Krauthammer says, “We’re living in an age where what you say and its relation to the facts are completely irrelevant.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is driving Dan Henninger up a wall at the WSJ by implying George W. Bush was responsible for the original 9/11:

Just as Mr. Trump suggested responsibility for 9/11 lies somehow with former President Bush, Mrs. Clinton’s view has been that responsibility for the failure in Benghazi is so diffuse that no one is responsible, that asking questions about what happened is a political attempt to “come after me. ” …

What a spectacle it would be to have America’s highest office contested next year between these two.

Playboy for Millennials


In an effort to capture the attention of millennials, Playboy is ditching naked ladies.

It worked for the website. According to Bloomberg:

Last year, cleaned up its website to make it “safe for work,” and has since seen its monthly unique Web visitors rise fivefold. The median age of those visitors dropped to 30 years-old from 47 as a result — “an attractive demographic for advertisers,” the company said.

Come to think of it, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is the original pajama boy.

Socialism for Democrats


Obama’s 60 Minutes interview wasn’t the only thing I missed last week. The Democrats had a debate.

Thanks to Bernie Sanders, socialism is chic in the party these days.


Sanders wants to offer free college to the middle class and he’s going to make the “greedy rich” pay for it. Problem is, even if he took all the income of the top 1%, which pays 40%, of all federal income tax it wouldn’t be enough.

Meanwhile, capitalist war hero candidate Jim Webb got treated like a returning vet 40 years ago. His son, a current war hero, sticks up for him here.

Obama 60 Minutes Interview

101014-sixty-minutesI was in Kuwait and Iraq last week – more on that later.

While I was gone I noticed president Obama made another 60 Minutes appearance with his go-to guy, Steve Kroft.

60 Minutes

In the past Kroft has served up fat softballs to the president. Here’s a link to a joint interview he did with Obama and Hillary Clinton after the 2012 presidential election. (Click on Connor Friedersdorf.)

This time, instead of softballs, Kroft offered a few change of pace questions that annoyed both the president and the far left media. During one of the president’s rambling responses Kroft told him he felt like he was being filibustered.

Obama’s comment on “local Sunnis” is one Kroft didn’t follow up on, so I did it for him.