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Obama Lectures Reporters

Obama lectures reporters

President Obama lectures reporters on reporting.

Jack Shafer reported in Politico on the president’s address at a journalism awards ceremony.

The occasion was the Toner Prize for Political Reporting awarded to Alley Mac Gillis by Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.




Republican Establishment Changes Horses

Republican Establishment Changes Horses

And Rubio’s dad was a bartender. Look where he ended up. Stomped.

Ed Rollins points out that Rubio “dropped like a rock” since he we was the establishment rock star four weeks ago. He says it’s between Trump and Cruz now.

Here’s Ann Coulter:

One would have to search the history books to find a party establishment so emphatically rejected by the voters as today’s Republican Party has been.

Between them, Trump and Cruz have won 77 percent of the delegates (1,067). The donor-approved, mass immigration advocates, John Kasich and the (late, lamented) Marco Rubio, have 23 percent.

Kasich does have one thing the remaining Freshman Senator and the Billionaire Blowhard don’t have – a resume. He’s a successful two term Governor of a traditional swing state and a tax cutting, budget balancing former chairman of the House Budget committee.

Trump credits Ohio’s surplus to fracking, not Kasich. And The WSJ’s Daniel Henninger say’s the 1997 federal balanced budget deal collapsed when the dot com bubble burst. Still, on this St. Paddy’s day, Henninger holds out a wee dram of hope for Kassich:

After many productive, honorable years in politics, John Kasich has made it to the national semifinals. But the GOP’s Last Governor is going to have to find another gear to win this.


Presidential Package

presidential package

Of all Donald Trump’s flaws, he chose to defend the size of his um.. hands on national television. The day after the Detroit debate “Little Marco” criticized The Donald for bragging about his presidential package. It was Rubio who started the whole thing by claiming Trump had small hands – and less.

The Republican Reality show has become too gross even for Jerry Springer:

“They ought to run a crawl along the bottom of the screen, [saying] ‘This is NOT a debate for junior high school class president’, Mr Springer told the Financial Times.

“Clearly they could be on our show, but now they’ve gone off the deep end, and we would start bleeping out some of what they’d say,” said Mr Springer.

Does Presidential Package Stand up to Scrutiny?

On the upside, moderator Chris Wallace did a nice job holding Trump’s feet to the fire using charts to show that his tax plan doesn’t add up. Not that it mattered.

Playing the American Public for Suckers

160304-playing-the-american-public-for-suckersDesperate times call for desperate measures. So Mitt Romney injected himself into the campaign to save the honor of the Republican Party.

He called for a brokered convention. He said Trump is “vulgar” and “a phony and a fraud”. He accused Trump of “playing the American public for suckers.”

Trump‘s response? “I could have told Mitt to drop to his knees.”

Trump Naming Rights

160302-trump-naming-rightsObama won’t name our enemy. Trump would probably try to sell the naming rights to radical Islam.

The Donald isn’t guilty of false humility. In a way it’s kind of refreshing to have a candidate who doesn’t claim he was born in a log cabin. Or that his dad was a bartender, or a mailman, or that he’s ashamed that he’s rich.

But the novelty could wear off fast.