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Down Dow

160123-down dow

As I post this the Dow is up 175 points.

New York Values

160116-new-york-valuesTed Cruz stood up to Trump in the Charleston debate but the “New York values” card backfired on him.

The Donald gave an eloquent response about 9/11. Some of us here in flyover country actually kind of admire New York. And when Cruz said he meant New Yorkers aren’t conservative Trump mentioned that William F. Buckley was a New Yorker.

New York Values

Meanwhile many actual New York voters were pissed. At least the ones at the Daily News were.

Update: Kevin Williamson (who writes for Buckley’s magazine National Review) defends New York values and says of Cruz, “He is a very, very smart man who apparently believes that the median Republican presidential primary voter is very, very dumb.”


Best of Bokbluster 2015

Here are 21 cartoons I kinda liked from Bokbluster 2015.
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Campaign Families

151230-candidate-childrenPoliticians love to drag their families into campaign ads. They also love to complain if anyone comments on the wife and kids. Ted Cruz did it last week.

This campaign ad showed the cute Cruz kids sarcastically reading about the Grinch who stole Hillary’s emails.

A candidate’s kids can be used against his/her enemies but not the other way around. It can be aggravating but the general rule is lay to off the kids.

The aggravation was too much for Ann Telnase so she blasted Cruz with this cartoon depicting him as an organ grinder with his daughters as monkeys. Cruz went ballistic. Ann’s editor, Fred Hyat, pulled the cartoon from the Washington Post’s website.

Enter Hillary, complaining that Donald Trump is sexist while announcing that she is launching husband Bill into the campaign to take him on.

By the way, a 1983 cartoon, portraying Jerry Falwells’s mother in a somewhat worse light than organ grinder monkey, became a Supreme Court precedent for press freedom.

Yellen Takes Off Training Wheels

151218-YellenJanet Yellen took the training wheels off the economy on Wednesday. After seven years of near zero percent interest rates, the Fed hiked rates a quarter percent.

Meanwhile, Congress passed a 2,000 page,  1.2 trillion dollar budget. That tacked another 157 billion onto the 18.5 trillion dollar national debt.


On Friday the Dow dropped 370 points.

David Stockman says, “sell the bonds, sell the stocks, sell the house”. IBD wonders if the markets know something the Fed doesn’t.