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Opposing Kavanaugh Nomination

kavanaugh nomination

Democrats protested President Trump’s Supreme Court choice. And that was before he picked Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Opposing Kavanaugh Nomination

Meanwhile, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin wants red state Dems to take one for the team and commit political suicide by opposing the Kavanaugh nomination.

Harley Davidson Trade War Surrender Monkey

trade war surrender monkey

President Trump thinks Harley-Davidson is a traitorous Trade War surrender monkey. It wasn’t always that way. That is until the E.U. slapped a 31% tariff on the company in response toTrump’s 25% tariffs on E.U. steel and aluminum.

Trump had considered Harley to be part of his base. But he left the motor cycle maker in a tough spot. His tariffs coupled the E.U. hit could add $2,200 to the price of each bike.

Harley’s customer base consists of American Baby Boomers. And they’re getting too old and fat to ride the Hogs. So the company looked abroad, building plants in Brazil, India and Thailand. And it plans a new plant in the E.U. which would dodge the tariff.

Trade War Surrender Monkey

That didn’t sit well with Trump.  He tweeted that Harley raised the “white flag” and he threatened to tax them like “never before.”

Whatever that means.

Rigged Elections

rigged elections

It was Donald Trump and other Republicans who fretted about rigged elections – before Trump actually won one. But now the tables have turned.

Pelosi’s Crumbs


Nancy Pelosi called Trump’s tax cuts for workers “crumbs”. Thousand dollar crumbs, but still crumbs.

No doubt the House Minority Leader from San Francisco does have thousand dollar crumbs on her plate.

By her lights those crumbs are a “little piece of cheese in a mouse trap” for the little people who elect her to do what she does.

I don’t think she gets why her party has crumbled.

Stable Genius Cleans Stable

stable genius

Morning Joe counsels that President Trump is demented. And Yale psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee agrees. She warned that “the president’s mental health might lead to the extinction of the human species.”

At the very least, Michael Wolff cautioned that “something is grievously amiss.”

Nurse Ratched was unavailable for comment.

Nevertheless, the president reassured everyone -“I’m a very stable genius.”