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Meltdown Rundown

Man Up

Run For It

Rather than Winning the Future, Obama refuses to Lose the Past. At least that’s the way Rich Lowry sees it.

In a noisome bit of body-snatching, the Madison protesters associate themselves with the demonstrators in Egypt. If we must use Egypt analogies, this has it backward. Tapping into new technologies empowering individuals, the anti-Mubarak protesters overthrew a sclerotic political system that no longer fit the times. In their aims, the anti-Walker throngs are more like Egypt’s counterdemonstrators who rode in on camels to try to save a decrepit, 30-year-old political dispensation.

Teachers Union Goes Greek

States are broke and teachers think they want to break their unions. Wisconsin teachers took a sick-out from school to protest. A few took an additional sick-out from civility to compare Governor Scott Walker to Hitler.