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Twitter Peckers Comments it Finds Offensive

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Twitter isn’t the government, but it can be a pain in the ass.

The all knowing head pecker of sensitivity briefly suspended the popular cartoon battleground site Counterpoint. Nick Anderson is taking credit for his cartoon being the cause. The rest of us will have to try harder.

But we must be doing something right. Counterpoint is tweeting again with more subscribers than ever.

Be subversive. Sign up now!

Stand with Rand


Rand Paul’s filibuster over all the president’s drones was a huge hash tag hit on Twitter. While Senator Paul talked himself blue in the face (with the help of Ted Cruz, MikeLee, Marco Rubio and others), old guard red state Republicans dined with the president. They were not happy with the kids’ behavior while they were out.


Tweet Nothings


Even though President Obama made campaign stops next door in Minnesota, Tom Barrett only got a tweet out of him for the Wisconsin recall election. Bill Clinton, meanwhile, is chirping off message.

Sarah’s Got Mail

Go here if you’d like to be a citizen screener of any of the 24,000 pages of email from Sarah Palin’s tenure as governor of Alaska. The feeding frenzy doesn’t sit well with sometime Palin antagonist Joe Scarborough in his Politico column.

Member of Congress

Congressman Anthony Weiner, insists he was hacked, or pranked, and did not personally tweet the photo that appeared on his account. As for debriefing the man in the photo, he remains ambivalent. Ann Coulter is not.

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