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Private Sector Doing Just Fine Until the Rape and Murder Begins

Unable to push Obama’s jobs bill though the Senate, Democrats shoved it through the chipper instead and hope to pass it piece by piece. Wednesday’s piece was money for the public sector. Harry Reid said this is important because “the private sector is doing just fine“. Joe Biden deflected heat from Harry’s howler by threatening murder and rape if we don’t pass this piece of… legislation right away.

Here are some job numbers since Dec 2007 from IBD: private sector – 5.4%, public sector at all levels – 1.75%, public sector federal level +2.29%. Also, Bloomberg reports the average federal salary in Washington, DC is $126,000.


Bon vivant eurocrat, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK), has stepped down from his post as managing director at the IMF. Abusing the economies of troubled countries from his current post at Rikers Island, where he stands accused of raping a hotel maid, must have proved too difficult.

DSK’s fall brings to mind the ousting of Paul Wolfowitz from leadership of the World Bank for his unprovoked attempt to bring accountability to that institution. Christopher Hitchens rehashes that one here in Slate.