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Fiscal Sacrifice


Obama gets off Air Force One with Fiscal Cliff deal in hand


The president came to Washington, demanded shared sacrifice, got his fiscal cliff deal and returned to Hawaii. According to Bloomberg taxes will go up for 77.1 percent of American families. The Congressional Budget Office says the deal will cost $4 trillion over the next decade. Spending cuts? … Maybe later. Kevin O’brien has a nice rant about that here.

Location Location

U.S. taxpayers live in a bad neighborhood. Now the good neighbor, FHA, may be headed for a bail-out. FHA is $16 billion in the hole – we’re $16 trillion in the hole. How does that work?


Newsweek’s cover asks if Romney is too big a wimp to be president. Back in May a front page Washington Post story asked if Romney was a bully.

Animal Farm

The going is getting weird. Chick-fil-A owner, Dan Cathy, expressed an opinion he shared with president Obama until a few weeks ago – namely, that marriage is between a man and a woman. This so outraged a newly sensitive Chicago alderman as well as the mayor of Boston that they threatened to destroy his business.

Meanwhile, Romney, hoping to avoid further display of his financial success, refuses to watch his ballet horse perform in the Olympics.

UPDATE: Cow wins, horse loses. Chic-fil-A had a record setting day Wednesday. Ann Romney’s horse, Rafalca, didn’t win a medal.

Bain Drain

Chip Bok political cartoon about Barack Obama accusing Romney Bain Capital of outsourcing jobs

While Obama accuses Romney of outsourcing jobs at Bain Capital and Romney denies it, Michael Kinsley asks, “what’s wrong with outsourcing?”