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Watch Your Step

Jon Stewart explores inequality inside Occupy Wall Street. OWS didn’t quite achieve a classes society but it can point with pride to a few classless people. You can watch one here but it’s kind of gross.

One Percent Pander

In an ABC interview with Jake Tapper last night, Obama reached out to the Occupy Wall Street crowd and called for a more “egalitarian” society.

No word yet on a bail-out for Wall Street’s investment in Obama.

Update: It turns out the president is still raking The Street.

President’s in Glass White Houses Shouldn’t Throw Bricks

Continuing to lead from behind, Obama followed the examples of Dick Durbin and the Occupy Wall Street Teatotalitarians (your totalitarian alternative to the Tea Party) by taking a whack at the banks. True, banks are greedy. I think it’s in their mission statements. They maximize bail-out dollars for pension fund shareholders.

Still, there was no mention of the gal who made it all possible – Fannie Mae.

Occupation on Wall Street

A Wall Street Occupation ain’t what it used the be.

The Occupy Wall Street crowd in New York (and some other cities that don’t even have a Wall Street) is said by some to be a left wing version of the Tea Party. That may be. Their goals are certainly less focused than the Tea Party’s. Tim Stanley in The Telegraph thinks they should join the Tea Party. Other’s say OWS is sort of an Arab Spring in America, in the fall. Whatever that means. Rich Lowry calls it a “Woolly Headed Hoard”.

Here’s a story in the Atlantic with lots of pictures.