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Border Battles


In front of the Keystone Pipeline, a Canadian tells an American that Barack Obama will make peace in the Middle East before ever signing off on the pipelineThe president compared Israel and the Palestinians to the U.S. and Canada during his Middle East trip. Whatever, it’s all the same.


Cartoon depicts how Romney and Obama were often in agreement about foreign policy during the debate. Romney embraces Obama

Governor Romney followed President Obama’s lead on foreign policy during much of the presidential debate Monday night. The president seemed dismayed by this, especially when Mitt stepped on his toes on the issue of “daylight between the U.S. and Israel”.

I was dismayed to miss Monday Night Football and game 7 of the NLCS.

God Fearing Democrats

Got this from a throw away line in a Michael Gerson column.

Democratic delegates have managed to boo for God and Jerusalem and wildly cheer the president of NARAL.

Got Back

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President Obama has Israel’s back but President Ahmadinejad has Syria’s back more.

Israel Version 19.6.7

Here’s a brief israeli border backup history.