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Iran Sucker’s Deal

131112 iran suckers deal very very bad dealThe U.S. negotiated a deal with Iran that would have eased sanctions without requiring them to stop moving toward an atomic bomb. Netanyahu freaked out and hit Kerry on the nose with a rolled up newspaper calling it a “very very bad deal“. The French went a step further calling it a sucker’s deal and killed it.


Cartoon Bomb

Netanyahu’s cartoon bomb presentation at the UN brought the attention only a cartoon bomb can bring. Bill Schanefelt at American Thinker posted an analysis connecting the dots from Bibi’s bomb to the Danish Muhammed cartoon bomb blasphemy.

Got Back

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President Obama has Israel’s back but President Ahmadinejad has Syria’s back more.

Spoils of War

In a news dump Friday a week ago, the president abandoned a big chunk of his health care plan. Last Friday he abandoned Iraq. Only this time it really was Bush’s fault. Bush negotiated the withdrawal late in his administration. Obama tried to extend the Status of Forces agreement to allow 3,000 troops to to remain, but couldn’t get an Iraqi agreement on immunity from criminal prosecution for killing people and breaking things. So, he claimed credit for fulfilling a campaign pledge, took his army, and went home.

Choosing Sides in Egypt

In 1978 Jimmy Carter supported the overthrow of the Shah. The Ayatollah took charge and things haven’t gone well since. In 2009 President Obama passed on backing the Iranian Green Revolution.