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Individual Insurance Mandate

131029 individual insurance mandate

A Washington Examiner poll shows that 70% of Americans want to delay the individual mandate to buy Obama approved health care. The other 30% are insurance companies. Just kidding.

But Bloomberg does report that insurance companies are absolutely positively opposed to any delay in the mandate.

Update: Here’s an IBD piece explaining how insurance companies jumped in bed with ObamaCare to produce 30 million new customers. And then got blamed as “bad apples” for canceling policies Obama doesn’t like.


Backing away from his birth control encyclical, Obama now says that Catholic institutions don’t have to offer free contraception, their insurance companies do. Paul Ryan calls that an “accounting trick”.

For his next trick the president released a budget on Monday that Ryan says “ignores the drivers of our debt, bringing America perilously close to a European-style crisis”.

The American Catholic

Catholics don’t want the president telling them to ignore church teaching, they can do it on their own.

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