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How Peggy Noonan sees Romney’s Etch A Sketch problem:

…then-Sen. Barack Obama, in 2008, was widely viewed as a blank slate, an empty canvas on which people painted their hopes and yearnings. He knew it; he admitted it was part of his mystique. So he was a kind of Etch A Sketch too, only he let the voters turn the knobs. The other is that it illustrated with a disheartening vividness the essential Romney problem, which has never gone away after all this time: that he’s making it up as he goes along, that he’ll be one thing today and another tomorrow.

Etch A Sketch Candidate

A Romney aid said the campaign is like an Etch A Sketch – you can shake it up and start all over before the general election. Just like Romney Care. Or Bain Capital. Etch A Sketch stock has tripled since both Gingrich and Santorum started waving the things around on TV last night.