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Holiday Giving

In addition to raising 1.6 trillion in new taxes, and 50 billion in new stimulus, the president wants Congress to turn over the right to raise the debt ceiling.


Fluke Flap

editorial cartoon about Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill Maher

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The Fluke Flap grows. Sandra didn’t testify before Congress. She testified before a souped up press conference arranged by some members of Congress. And it turns out Rush is far from the biggest pig in the land, though he does seem to be the only one with any wit.

Bill Maher’s idea of pushing the first amendment envelope is to use the “c” word on HBO. (Must stand for “c”ash, since he was able to give Obama’s super pac a million dollars.) Meanwhile The One mangles the first amendment by forcing the Catholic Church buy abortion pills. Give him credit for a sense of irony.

Kirsten Powers takes offense in the Daily Beast.


Nancy Pelosi says Republicans have declared War on Women.

It’s an old war. (Click to enlarge)









Thurber cartoon fromĀ Fulltable.comĀ .