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Mounties and the Prince

Prince Harry, Meghan, mounties, Canada, British Columbia
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Meghan and Harry (formerly known as Prince) arrived at the Canadian border yesterday. And, as far as we know, little Archie wasn’t caged.

UH OH Canada

canada, don cherry, justin trudeau
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Rock ’em sock ’em Canadian hockey icon Don Cherry recently got the axe from Hockey Night In Canada. Cherry’s an old time hockey guy. Eddie Shore. He’s also a flamboyant Canada first kind of guy. Sound familiar?

Justin Trudeau is Cherry’s opposite. An international multiculturalist. Cherry chose Veterans Day – Rememberance Day in Canada – to criticize newer arrived urban Canadians for not sporting poppy pins to honor Canada’s war dead. He says he regrets referring to them as “you people.”

Trudeau would never say “you people,” though he might say “my people.” Playing against type though, photos of him dressed in black face surfaced during the last election. He won anyway.

Maybe there’s a future for Don Cherry here in the states.

Border Battles


In front of the Keystone Pipeline, a Canadian tells an American that Barack Obama will make peace in the Middle East before ever signing off on the pipelineThe president compared Israel and the Palestinians to the U.S. and Canada during his Middle East trip. Whatever, it’s all the same.

North Wind

While Americans were pre-occupied with bin Laden corpse management the Canadians held a bit of a revolution of their own. You can read about it in Macleans:

This week’s stunning election has completely rewritten Canada’s political map, and marks a milestone in the country’s history.


100629bokloresCanada won Best Economy at the G-20 Summit in Toronto. Our northern neighbor has a declining 8% unemployment rate while we marinate in a 9.7% rate. Fortune says Canada’s winning ways are due to less public spending and no bankers gone wild.