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Byrd of a Different Feather


I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a senate that passed an 800 billion dollar pork packed stimulus bill would go all out for the the passing of the king of pork. Jonah Goldberg has the bad manners to also bring up the Exalted Cyclops’s KKK organizing days here. Michael Barone admires Senator Byrd’s interest in the constitution, in a more balanced view here.

Suburban Moles

100701bokloresThe Russian spy ring in the burbs had cutting-edge gadgetry according to the NY Times. Maybe, but the invisible ink and short wave radios remind me of gadgetry I used to cut out of comic book ads. It looks like the Ruskies are still behind the curve in rubber vomit technology.

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Competition Closer

100630bokloresObama’s Petraeus pick for Afghanistan is popular. Tunku Varadarajan thinks it was a masterstroke which will keep the general out of the 2012 presidential race.


100629bokloresCanada won Best Economy at the G-20 Summit in Toronto. Our northern neighbor has a declining 8% unemployment rate while we marinate in a 9.7% rate. Fortune says Canada’s winning ways are due to less public spending and no bankers gone wild.

Vapid Confirmation Hearing

100628bokloresElena Kagan doesn’t have much of a legal paper trail. This is considered a good career move for Supreme Court nominees, ever since Robert Bork talked his way out of a job. One footprint she has left, however, is a 15 year old complaint that the Bork-A-Dope strategy has caused confirmation hearings to become “vapid” .

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