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Dogsled Teams Reached Warp Speed in 1925

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Dogsled teams rushed antitoxin serum across the Alaskan wilderness to reach Nome in record time in 1925. They made a trip that normally takes 25 days in less than six and saved the town from a diphtheria epidemic.

America went ape over the dogs. A statue of Balto, a lead dog, still stands in New York’s Central Park. Balto also played the lead in a 1995 animated feature.

But it turns out Balto may be the Rosie Ruiz of the sled dog set. Another dog, Togo, led the team through the most treacherous stretch while Balto led the last leg to the finish.


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No Love from Biden for Trump Vaccine Effort

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President Biden isn’t showing his predecesor any love for the vaccines that have the pandemic on the run. Donald Trump flogged Operation Warp Speed. It was a Manhattan Project style effort to find a vaccine. Trump’s overexposure to daily press conferences may have killed his re-election. But Warp Speed was a big success.

Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson developed, tested and jabbed vaccines into people’s arms in less than a year. It’s a process that normally takes many years.

Trump Vaccine Effort

President Biden’s response? “We inherited a mess.” Biden said that when he took office there was no plan for a vaccine rollout. And he bragged that he would ramp up to 100 million vaccines in his first hundred days. But the country was already vaccinating almost 1 million per day when he took office. And President Biden himself had already received his two shots by then.

Wheel out the Old, Rush in the New

wheel out the old
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As we wheel out the old year help is on the way. The new year comes with a new vaccine for the new corona virus. Thanks to the old president’s warp speed program. By the way, he’s slow wheeling his way out too.