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Happy New Year


Happy New Year.

The Navy says Iran fired rockets within 1500 yards of US ship in the Persian Gulf. Iran says the US is lying.

Harry Reid Whups the Truth

150417-black-eyed-reidFrom the Senate floor in 2012, Harry Reid, without a shred of evidence, claimed Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes for 10 years.

From his bathroom floor on New Years day 2015, Reid claimed some exercise gear beat the crap out him.

CNN’s Dana Bash recently asked Reid about his Senate floor claim. He didn’t apologize or back away. He simply answered, “Romney didn’t win, did he?”



President Obama says “inequality is the defining challenge of our time”.

The ocean and canals near Obama’s Hawaiian vacation home are off limits to local residents while he is there. The vacation is expected to cost taxpayers $4 million.



The 2012 Year In Cartoons

I think of Bokbluster as a cartoon wormhole into the news. Here’s a worm’s eye view of the 2012 year in cartoons.

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  120203-who-made-you-pope-contraception  2012 Obama budget and tax reform plan that won't likely be taken by Senator Harry Reid.  120225-obama-burned-qurans-bishop-first-amendment-freedom-religion  120309sandra-fluke-rush-limbaugh-obama-georgetown-contraceptives  120301afghan-troops-murder-apology-quran-koran       120323-bok-all-the-above-energy-strategy    120326bok-reagan-romney-etch-a-sketch-gop   120404bok-obama-supreme-court-bully-harper-calderon      120601obama-kill-cards   120611college-bubble   120628scotus-health-decision   120630pelosi-rewrite-health-   120705andy-barney-obit      120718fear-business-build   120723tea-party-abc   120803-harry-reid-romney-political-cartoon      120811ryan-vp-speech  120814corn-drought-ethanol     120831racism-msnbc-rnc   120903clinton-dnc-welfare   120905better-off-food-stamps     120920lead_from_behind_libya    120925bin_laden_foreign_policy   120926nfl_replacement_refs     121002debate_deal_mitt    121009bigbird_image_one_percent   121022fac_check_bar_fight   121026trick_romney_obama   121101sheehan_woods     121115fbi-topless  121206king_obama    121207-tobacco-obama-political-cartoon      121226baseline_budgeting_camp   121215school_shooting


Happy New Year



Raise a glass to the future and future obligations!