Global Elite and USA Brexit

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The year hasn’t been kind to the global elite.

Curiously, that made many Americans ashamed of their country. They’re resorting to violence because they don’t accept Tuesday’s election results. The same election they feared Donald Trump wouldn’t honor if the results were reversed.

To their credit, President Obama and Hillary Clinton gracefully accepted the voter mandate.

Others, however, are embarrassed because people are laughing at us. Many of whom live under the undemocratic rule of progressive experts. The European Union for example. The EU features strangling regulation, low growth, high unemployment, and negative interest rates.

The Brits had enough of that and voted to exit the E.U. – Brexit. Those voters too were laughed at by their enlightened betters who were embarrassed for their country.

Global Elite

The Obama agenda gave America eight years of increasing regulation, low growth, high unemployment (90 million outside the workforce), and near zero percent interest rates. Hillary Clinton promised to make us even more like France.

So American voters pulled a Brexit and elected Trump. The major media and pollsters missed both the U.K. and U.S.A. revolts entirely.

And that left the global elite shocked and dismayed.


8 Responses to Global Elite and USA Brexit

  1. Walter Pete says:

    Time for a new poll

  2. Justin Pierce says:

    This is a copy of a 1938 nazi cartoon. Terrible move considering the white power movement that’s associating itself eithTrump supporters.

    • Bok says:

      Well, it’s an homage to tons of old cartoons showing some power – monopolists, capitalists, fascists, communists, whatever – enveloping the world in its tentacles.

      You made the point a white power movement might try to associate itself with Trump supporters, but it doesn’t follow that most Trump voters have anything to do with the white power movement. That Trump’s supporters are bigots and “irredeemable deplorables” is a lie that Hillary Clinton advanced in the campaign and the “not my president” crowd is now spreading in the streets. And the media report it too uncritically in my opinion.

      For the most part Trump supporters I’ve seen are like Tea Partiers I’ve seen – middle aged people who clean up after themselves and are justifiably concerned over their loss of influence in the political and cultural world. It’s true they seem mostly white, but that may be because white Christians are the only remaining group without victim status.

      Anyway, I’m not going to allow a lie to cause me to self-censor my stuff.

      • Ned Ely says:

        Well said, Chip!

      • Michael Slavitch says:

        It’s not a lie when noted antisemite and white supremacist Steven Bannon is nominated as Chief Strategist.

        • Bok says:

          Noted by “native American” Elizabeth Warren, and other Democrats, who trot out last surviving Klansman David Duke every election season and try to pin him to the Republican candidate.

          Alan Dershowitz and the WSJ editorial board both said yesterday they haven’t seen any evidence that Steve Bannon is anti-semitic. He’s a Harvard MBA, former Naval officer, worked for Goldman Sachs, was an early investor in Seinfeld – doesn’t sound like an anti-semite resume but who knows? He did run Breitbart. Breitbart openly promoted Trump and attracts some on the cook fringe but then the MSM did pretty much the same the same for Hillary.

          Joel Pollack, an Orthodox Jewish associate of Dershowitz and writer for Breitbart says Bannon is a strong supporter of Israel.

  3. Walker Ostler says:

    Fantastic cartoon!

    And concerning what Justin Pierce mentioned; there are plenty of political cartoons with some sort of octopus that predates 1938… usually about, as Mr. Bok said, monopolies, railroads, etcetera.

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