Refugees Responsibility

150910-denali-refugeesIBD says that McKinley was our first colonialist president. Obama is our first anti-colonialist president. That explains  why Mt. Mckinley is now just Denali. Nobody got hurt, except for some feelings here in Ohio.




The unraveling of colonial arrangements in the Middle East has been less benign. Refugees are flooding Europe.

The White House announced yesterday that it would accept 10,000 Syrian refugees in the coming year. John Kerry says the US might take up to 100,000 total refugees this year. A Washington Post editorial complains that’s less than half the number from our last big bug out – Vietnam in the 70’s.


2 Responses to Refugees Responsibility

  1. terry says:

    Read the fine print on Kerry’s announcement-these are 10,000 immigrants who were already waiting in the pipeline. It is not going to relieve any of the current issues in Europe by any stretch.

  2. terry says:

    sorry-that was the White House’s announcement regarding the 10,000

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