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Ayatollah Banking Behavior

Ayatollah Banking Behavior

IBD had an editorial and the WSJ had an op-ed on Ayatollah banking behavior. Zany authoritarians worth billions who aren’t Donald Trump – I thought it was worth a cartoon.

Now that the mullahs are getting their moola back, possibly 100 billion in frozen assets thanks to the Iran nuclear deal, they want to be able to move it through the U.S. banking system. That’s been a no-no in  the past. Apparently it would make it easier to launder money for terrorism. On the other hand it could make it easier for U.S. intelligence to keep track of Iran’s money.

Ayatollah Banking Behavior

Anyway, last summer Adam Szubin of the Treasury Department told Congress, “Iran will not be able to open bank accounts with U.S. banks, nor will Iran be able to access the U.S. banking sector.” Now Treasury Secretary Jack Lew seems less committal  saying the administration is trying “to make sure Iran gets relief.”

Since the Iran nuclear deal isn’t a signed treaty, Iran could walk away if it doesn’t get what it wants.




Last Tango in Brussels

last tango in brussels

President Obama’s been dancing around the Islamic terror threat. He doesn’t want to take the lead. He says the threat isn’t “existential” and more people die in bathtub accidents.

He danced the Tango after the Brussels attacks. He played golf after James Foley was beheaded. John Kerry sent James Taylor to Paris to sing you got a friend after the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

While ISIS is losing ground  in the Middle East the WSJ reports interlocking terror cells are growing throughout Europe.

Middle East

middle eastI like James Delingpole. He’s not having any of it from people who say the biggest problem with terrorism is our reaction to it.

He says life is cheap in the Middle East and it’s valuable in Europe and the United States. That’s because “our Judaeo-Christian civilisation, filtered through the Enlightenment, has fought hard over the centuries to make it more valuable.”

By the way, he doesn’t believe Climate Change is our greatest threat either.

Update: The Daily Mail reports ISIS crucified Indian Catholic priest Father Tom Uzhunnalil on Good Friday.


Terror Wave

terror wave

President Obama did the wave at a baseball game in Cuba while a terror wave swept Belgium. Last night he tangoed in Buenos Aires. A round of golf would give him a hat trick of indifference to terrorism.

He feels ISIS can only win if it knocks him off his game.

That and he’s just not that into terrorism. According to the WSJ, he says more Americans are killed by gun violence than terrorism. He’s more worried about the weather.

By Obama’s lights the Vietnam War was no big deal. In 1968, the deadliest year of the war, 16,899 Americans died in Vietnam. That same year 53,831 died on American highways.

Hillary’s War

Hillary's War

Hillary’s in denial. Again.

Hillary’s War

This week she claimed we didn’t lose a single person in Libya due to her lead-from-behind intervention to take out Gadafi.

We came, we saw, he died,” she enthused.

Pat Smith channeled her inner Madeine Albright saying, “there’s a special place in hell for Hillary.” She is the mother of Sean Smith one of the four Americans killed in Benghazi, Libya September 11, 2012.

She also insists she didn’t blame the Benghazi attack on an awful internet video we had nothing to do with. Come to think of it Obama did the same thing during his re-election campaign. Guess it works.hillary's war