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Olympic Flameout


Finland sent the Russian Olympic hockey team home today without a medal. Oh wait they are home.

Last night Ukraine went up in flames. So I drew this cartoon. President Obama drew  this red line. Again.

Olympic Flameout Update:

Putin doesn’t make the medal round in Ukraine protests. USA flames out against Canada and then lays an enormous goose egg against Finland 5-0.

Leading from behind fails again.

Sochi Spy Swap


 There will be no Sochi Spy Swap for Edward Snowden.

Senator Mark Warner wants to deport Justin Bieber to Canada. He could go to jail. Pussy Riot has already been there.

Pussy Rioters served Russian prison time for protesting President Putin’s human rights record. That and desecrating a church. In Bieber’s case it would be for assaulting his limo driver. Or for assaulting his jet pilot with second hand pot smoke.

No Sochi Spy Swap but Snowden Welcome

Putin says Edward Snowden is welcome to attend the Sochi Olympics. Pussy Riot, not so much.

I meant to include a shirtless Putin but ran out of room.



The TSA released new traveler friendly guidelines. Hockey sticks, golf clubs and pocket knives (but not box-cutters) are ok for carry-on. Leave the shampoo at home.

On to Spring Training


More Lipstick Than Pit Bull?