Olympic Flameout


Finland sent the Russian Olympic hockey team home today without a medal. Oh wait they are home.

Last night Ukraine went up in flames. So I drew this cartoon. President Obama drew this red line. Again.

Olympic Flameout Update:

Putin doesn’t make the medal round in Ukraine protests. USA flames out against Canada and then lays an enormous goose egg against Finland 5-0.

Leading from behind fails again.

2 Responses to Olympic Flameout

  1. Terry says:

    Will Putin send in troops to help Ukraine pres quell the unrest? Obama has said nothing of “lines” to be crossed.

    • Bok says:

      He’s just some guy. I copied from the painting of Galileo Facing the Roman Inquisition,Cristiano Banti (1857). Couldn’t decide who he should be. Should have been Al Gore, maybe it’s me me.

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