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Commissioner Bans Wahoo


The Cleveland Indians 70 year old icon, Chief Wahoo, has gone the way of the image of The Prophet. Kind of. There was no rioting. There were no murders. Instead, baseball commissioner Rob Manfred offered Indians ownership a deal it couldn’t refuse. And Wahoo was sent to the showers.

In exchange, the Dolan family gets to keep discreet licensing rights to the chief on promotional paraphernalia. And Cleveland gets to keep the 2018 All Star game. Probably.

Wahoo Gear

Tribe gear worn by the players, however,  will no longer bear the graven image of the famed indigenous cartoon person. Instead players will sport the block “C” on their sleeves and hats when they take the field.

I think it stands for politically “Correct.”


Red Sox Apple Watchgate Scandal

apple watchgate

Hockey players use high tech composite sticks. But major league baseball players use wood bats. And, in an age of encrypted digital communication, they stick to hand signals.

Apple Watchgate

At least that’s what we thought until the great Boston Red Sox Apple Watchgate scandal. The Sox got busted for stealing signs and relaying them via Apple Watches.


Thrill Of Victory, Agony of Debate

161020agony of debate

The thrill of victory was followed by the agony of debate last night.

Thrill of Victory

The Cleveland Indians won the American league pennant, shutting out the Toronto Blue Jays 3-0. Rookie Ryan Merritt went 4 1/3 scoreless innings in his second major league start.

Merritt got the nod because starting pitcher Trevor Bauer was the victim of a drone strike. A strike of his own drone. Bauer has always done things his own way, and this came as no surprise to anyone around here. So they sewed up his finger and sent him out to the mound for game three.

Bauer’s a gamer, but his sutured pinkie opened up like the elevator doors in The Shining. He never made it out of the first inning. No problem. Mad Manager Tito Franco stitched together a bullpen game and the Tribe won 4-2.

Back to Ryan Merritt, hero of Northeast Ohio. Someone found out he’s getting married, so fans bought everything on his wedding registry. But you could still get him a pillow last I checked.

Agony of Debate

Unfortunately all good things come to an an end and the final presidential debate was about to begin.

Moderator Mike Wallace asked about Supreme Court nominees. Hillary Clinton said the court should stand up for women and transgender bathrooms but not late term babies about to be aborted. She also said the court should overturn  Citizen’s United (a Supreme Court case that said it’s okay for a company to make a movie critical of Hillary).

Trump said, “The Supreme Court – it’s what it’s all about.”

The clear winner … Chris Wallace.

Where Have You Gone, Derek Jeter?

140927-jeterGot the idea for this one from a Daniel Henninger column of the same name. It’s not a coincidence. I stole it.  But I did embellished it with a picture.

Henninger links Jeter to Joe DiMaggio, another Yankee class act of a different era. DiMaggio was an even better player, plus he married Marilyn Monroe. Henninger’s interest is in great players who shut up and play by the rules.

Jeter won the game with an RBI base hit in his last at-bat in Yankee Stadium. He won’t play shortstop again. But he will come to the plate as a DH at Fenway Park where Ted Williams hit a home run with the last swing of his career.

He got chop single today in a 10-4 loss.

World Series Facial Grooming

131031 world series facial grooming

Was looking for a distraction so I switched from to the World Series. Being skilled at distraction, my attention drifted from the game to the elaborate  facial grooming of the Red Sox players. It went way beyond the fuzz, stubble. and occasional handlebar you expect to see.

So I came up with this.

The cartoon had a caption but one admirer gushed, “it’s so insanely stupid it doesn’t need a caption”.

So, I shaved it.

Slates Amanda Hess grades the growth here.