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Harry Reid’s Koch Problem


I think Harry Reid is the nastiest person in Washington. To a Frank Underwood fan like me that’s a high bar to clear. Harry can leap from the muck like a depraved Flipper to clear it with ease.

In 2007 while American troops were surging in Iraq, Harry Reid, who had voted for the war, declared it “lost“. Robert Gates declared Harry’s comment one of the most disgraceful things he’d ever heard a politician say.

Like votes, disgrace only seems to encourage the leader of the Senate. He recently labeled as “all lies” the stories of millions of Americans who lost their insurance due to ObamaCare rules. And then he lied on camera about calling the stories lies!

Dirty Harry Warm and Fuzzy

The politics of personal destruction and questioning the patriotism of his opponents are all in a day’s work for Reid.

He can’t be all bad, can he? Deep down grandpa Dirty HarryHarry has a generous spirit and a soft spot for children. He recently gave his 23 year old granddaughter a $17,000 Christmas gift. With campaign funds.

Supine Senate Spying


Senators are no different from you and me, and Angela Merkel. They get spied on too.

Senate Spying

The supine Senate hasn’t done much to protect its turf from an overreaching executive. The president has taken one bone after another from the legislative watch dog while rewriting the Afordable Care Act.

The CIA  finally got Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Diane Feinstein into a lather when documents she was using to investigate the agency turned up missing – from a supposedly secure computer in the basement of CIA headquarters.

Harry Reid’s Horror Stories


You like your doctor but you can’t keep him. You like your insurance but you can’t keep it. ObamaCare is a train wreck.

Koch Brother Horror Stories

These horror stories are all lies, lies, and damned lies according to cowboy poet Harry Reid. They didn’t really happen to you. They were ginned up at the un-American Brothers Koch Fairy Tale mill to send red state democrats running for cover.

Retractable Debt Ceiling


The House voted to retract the debt ceiling with no restrictions and the Senate approved about 5 minutes later.

Separation of Powers

140129-three-branches-separation-Powers-cartoonDuring his State of the Union speech the president again emphasized his intention to go it alone. He’s his own separation of powers. He’s got a phone and a pen and he don’t need no stinking Congress.


Back in December Law professor Jonathan Turley said that President Obama is “becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid”.