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Eric Holder’s Wars


 Eric Holder’s Justice Department sued Standard and Poor’s for giving bad advice. That bad advice consisted of high ratings the company gave for mortgage backed securities leading to the 2008 meltdown.

Jack Lew, the president’s nominee for Treasury Secretary, worked for Citigroup’s subprime department during the time leading up to the 2008 meltdown. Lew was rewarded with  a nearly million dollar bonus following  Citigroup’s government bail-out.

In an effort to divert attention from Lew (okay I made that up), the White House released Justice Department documents justifying the killing U.S. citizens without judicial review. I didn’t make that up.

Wall Street’s Fat Finger of Fate


The Dow plunged 1000 points yesterday and bounced back 500 in about 20 minutes.  Some experts suspect someone pushed the wrong button.

Short Shorts

100428bokloresHolman Jenkins says the subtext of yesterday’s Senate panel grilling was that it’s unpatriotic not to lose money when home values plummet.

Early Warning System


Gordon Crovitz shows how John Paulson saw the housing crash coming and told the investment world about it through the  complicated financial gadget he conjured up with Goldman Sachs.  Click here for his column in the WSJ.