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Plastic Gun


 Nowadays you can make a plastic gun with a 3-D printer and slip it past an airport scanner.

“Who in God’s name wants that?” asked Chuck Schumer. So the senate renewed the Undetectable Firearms Act.

Unpardonable Turkey

131127pardonRob Fornier has a story in the National Journal about a first time offender sentenced to 55 years in prison under federal mandatory sentencing rules for selling marijuana.

JFK and a Silly Little Communist

131123 oswald-silly-little-communistKennedy Week was a very good week for Ira Stoll’s book Kennedy, Conservative. He makes the case that JFK was an anti-communist supply sider and would be a conservative today.

Maybe. Most of the other 11 year olds I knew in those days were anti-communist too. Not so sure about the supply side part – my peer-group wasn’t up to speed on tax policy. A quick look at Youtube, however, does show Kennedy was for tax cuts to increase employment and cut the deficit.

He was also in favor of civil rights. At least his wife thought so:

“He didn’t even have the satisfaction of being killed for civil rights. It’s — it had to be some silly little Communist.”

Jacqueline Kennedy, Nov. 22, 1963

Which brings us to this piece by Rich Lowry. He complains that James McAuley, in a NYT oped, pins the murder on “Dallas, a city of hate with a death wish in its eye”. (Now we know who shot JR.) Manny Fernanez, also in the NYT, blames it on an “angry anti-Washington culture”.

I think President Kennedy was swell but where can I sign up for this Angry Anti-Washington Culture?

JFK and A Silly Little Communist

The real conspiracy about the Kennedy Assassination is the myth built by the left that sinister right wing forces cut down the young president – when it was really just a silly little Communist.

Big Fat Bully Boys

131107 big fat bully boysAmericans, as usual, are holding up our end of H.L. Mencken’s grand bargain that “we get the government we deserve, and we deserve to get it good and hard”.

But what have the polite people of Toronto done to deserve Mayor Rob Ford?

His poll numbers went up when he was caught smoking crack but his latest video rant may be a rage too far. Here’s a nice retrospective of his top then videos.

More Big Fat Bully Boys

As for the other big fat bully boy in the news, things may not be exactly as they seem either. Here’s a view from Lydon Murtha in SI. He’s a former Dolphin teammate of Richie Cognito and Jonathan Martin. Murtha says it was Martin who violated the NFL code of conduct and he sounds convincing.

If you doubted that 300 pound men who smash into other 300 pound men in a high speed collider – just the way we like it -  can be bullied, you may be right.

We get the NFL we deserve – good and hard.




Ariel Castro

130905-ariel-castro-suicide-cartoon-Ariel Castro avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty to imprisoning and raping three women for 11 years. He was sentenced to imprisonment – and probable rape – for life plus 1,000 years. He couldn’t take it for more that one month. He was found hanging in his cell.

Ariel Castro Final Irony

Had he not copped a plea he probably would have been sentenced to death row where he would be under watch and still alive today.