Bill’s Speech Making

160102-bills speech makingIf this seems like a variation on a theme, it is.

Hillary is running as a feminist. Katherine Timpf calls her a fake feminist. Hillary says women who accuse men of rape should be believed. Timpf points out that Hillary intimidated women who accused Bill of sexual assault.

When a reporter asked her if Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, and Juanita Broaddrick should be believed, Hillary responded that women should be believed until the evidence shows otherwise. According to Catherine Timpf  “absolutely no evidence” has turned up to show otherwise. In fact Bill settled a suit by Paula Jones.

So, it seems like a good time to change the subject.

Bills Speech Making

Bill is good with money. In fact he’s so good The Wall Journal says, “two dozen companies and groups and one foreign government paid former President Bill Clinton a total of more than $8 million to give speeches around the time they also had matters before Mrs. Clinton’s State Department”

As Hillary would say, no evidence emerged showing a link between Bill’s speech making and her job overseeing the State Department.

He just gives a hell of a speech.

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