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Sequester Scare

130403-end-sequester-cartoon-The White House is gamely sticking with its policy of Sequester Scare. The president has given himself a 5% pay cut as a show of solidarity with the tots without tours who are denied spring break access to the White House.

In February Janet Napolitano said the Border Patrol would be cut by 5,000 agents. This week it was announced those cuts would be delayed. Here’s Fox News’ Ed Henry asking Jay Carney if Napolitano had been deliberately misleading.


Obama Bahama


As students ask Barack Obama to open the White House for Spring Break, Michelle Obama says "let em go the The Bahamas."The Obama girls are spring breaking at Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas. It’s the fourth Obama vacation of the new year. Meanwhile the White House remains closed to school children on spring break.

One link down on the royal food chain, Joe Biden blew half a million a night on hotels in London and Paris plus $320,000 on carfare – about the same amount the senate barber shop loses every year.

John Stossel thinks Washington has become an imperial city. He claims that 43% of the top 1% live in the Washington area, feeding off taxpayers. “It’s very much like Versailles before the French Revolution,” says historian John Steele Gordon

Sequester Break


130313calligrapher_white_houseThe White House only has one president, one press secretary, and one dog minder – at a hundred and two grand a year. You’d think they could could make do with one calligrapher. But no, they have three.

Here’s a Mark Steyn piece on what a bargain the British Royal family is compared to our White House royalty.

White House Tour


130309whitehousetour_schoolsThere may not be any White House access for the kids who want a spring break tour. But there’s plenty to go around for Obama cronies who want to drop by and drop off cash under the perpetual campaign operation known as Organizing for Action. Kimberly Strassel of the WSJ thinks the president has “jumped the sequester” on this one.

The Sequester Survivor



What happens if you hold the sequester and nobody comes? Here’s a Washington Post story with a cool wolf picture.