Obama Bahama


As students ask Barack Obama to open the White House for Spring Break, Michelle Obama says "let em go the The Bahamas."The Obama girls are spring breaking at Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas. It’s the fourth Obama vacation of the new year. Meanwhile the White House remains closed to school children on spring break.

One link down on the royal food chain, Joe Biden blew half a million a night on hotels in London and Paris plus $320,000 on carfare – about the same amount the senate barber shop loses every year.

John Stossel thinks Washington has become an imperial city. He claims that 43% of the top 1% live in the Washington area, feeding off taxpayers. “It’s very much like Versailles before the French Revolution,” says historian John Steele Gordon

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  1. 1goodbob says:

    This Washington Saga, Reminds us of the Last Days Of The Roman Empire. Some of our Elected Officials had better Step Up. Are there any Patriots Left in Congress ?

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