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Ohio Trick or Treat

Trick or treat cartoon. Couple answers door and say "how cute, you must be Romney and Obama."

Need an errand run for you in Ohio? Call a presidential candidate. Time puts it this way – “Ohio isn’t just ground zero in the Electoral College. It’s also an epicenter for one of the biggest ad binges in history. The campaigns have forked over $177 million to win Ohio, more than any other state, according to an NBC analysis.”

Man Up

Teachers Union Goes Greek

States are broke and teachers think they want to break their unions. Wisconsin teachers took a sick-out from school to protest. A few took an additional sick-out from civility to compare Governor Scott Walker to Hitler.

Cleveland Breaks


Brian Windhorst’s reporting in the Plain Dealer brings some more witness to the possibility of collusion. Friday night in Miami Chris Bosh said that he, James, and Wade had been talking about “the moment for months”. The same agency, Creative Artists, represented all three players and Pat Riley met with LeBron in November, inspiring him to give up Michael Jordan’s number 23.

Maureen Dowd gets in on the act,calling Miami a “Hoops Cartel”.