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Turkey Kill List

Drones are something most us are thankful for. Even Romney and Obama agree they are swell.

Me, not so much. I get the Hiroshima argument that drones save our guys by killing bad guys along with others. But the idea of President Obama keeping a kill list and acting as judge, jury, and executioner gives me the creeps. Especially when his target is an American citizen terrorist like al-Awlaki.

Not that I’m sorry al-Awlaki is toes up, or however his toes are, but I’d have preferred to see him captured, questioned, and indulged with a few of his same constitutional rights as Obama tried to shower on Pakistani 9/11 killer Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Why is the president indignant about water boarding a foreign terrorist, but proud to use the information water boarding produces to help him assassinate an U.S. citizen terrorist?

My favorite atheist right-to-lifer, Nat Hentoff, got me on this jag last week when he wrote this column about Obama and the Rule of Law. Here’s one Nat wrote for the Cato Institute in October about drone assassination . He’s authorized to say “dig this” since he’s also a jazz writer.

Anyway, enjoy your cranberry sauce. Happy Thanksgiving!

9/11 Defendants

Five 9/11 bad guys, including Sheik Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, were arraigned in a military court at Gitmo over the weekend. One of the defense attorneys wore an abaya and requested that women on the prosecution side do likewise to help her clients might avoid the occasion of sin. Another defense lawyer asked that his clients not be subject to strip search before entering the courtroom. The judge is thinking it over. As for the clients themselves? They prayed, refused to speak, and passed around a copy of The Economist magazine.

Last Rights

Before backing down, Obama insisted on full legal rights, complete with a New York civilian trial, for 9/11 terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Not so much for US born terrorist Anwar al-Aulaqi. Now Cheney wants an apology for all the bad things Obama said about the way he treated terrorists.